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This is the biggest joke ever! I think I just peed myself from laughing so hard! I would never vote for him in my life ! 

So which joke  candidate do you prefer? Certainly you wouldn’t vote for a republican after all the shit they’ve done to us.


This is the biggest joke ever! I think I just peed myself from laughing so hard! I would never vote for him in my life ! 

So which joke  candidate do you prefer? Certainly you wouldn’t vote for a republican after all the shit they’ve done to us.

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Feminist Disney: "Curvy/fat princess: a rebuttal to an old post by Feminist Disney"


haha what is this? I’ve seen your name come up multiple times today. WHO’S IN LOVE WITH FEMINIST DISNEY and reading everything I write! :3


Dear Feminist Disney,

In your blog you keep bringing up this idea that people want to be represented in films, and that alone is…

hmm.  I do not generally like doing things like this over the internet.  It is much easier to have intelligent discussion face to face.  That being said I would ask people to give me the benefit of the doubt a little bit because I’m not an asshole and am very new to online debating.  I did this post because I feel it is important that people with popular opinions have their ideas challenged and discussed and not just…i dunno.  Anyhow, before I continue, I am genuinly sorry if anyone was offended/thought i was just being a troll/asshole.

and I would respond to the full post, but it is quite long, I suck at tumblr, and I am tired.  So I’m trying to find bits that seem more like summary ish

First of all, no real people are that skinny, because it’s anatomically impossible to have a head twice as large as your waist.  Second, there is nothing progressive or great about saying “well if you’re too skinny, you’re not beautiful either.”   Stop defining beauty for other people

This is true.  What is unhealthy is when people try to go to extreme lengths (unhealthy diets/eating disorders) to achieve a look that cannot physically be achieved.  I guess that was more of what I meant.

 And if you actually read my posts, another point of them is that beauty should not be an important defining characteristic of Disney princesses.   So what if every judgy person agreed that this or that trait made them ugly?

Unfortunately, Disney is in  this position of huge influence over young minds (with their princess movies, especially girls but certainly not limited to them) in the definition of beauty.  So to say that Beauty should not be an issue/defining characteristic is a little bit shortsighted I feel.  But it’s late and I could be wrong.

Fat can be beautiful.


   Having a fat person in a movie or on tv doesn’t always have to be an endorsement of their entire lifestyle.    Thin people that appear in movies are never questioned or critiqued in this way.  Ariel, Jasmine, Rapunzel- these characters were thin to the point of their proportions not being humanly possible, and yet no one assumes that having them on a screen is endorsing/encouraging young girls to starve themselves, or eat salads, or anything

I would critique them in that way though.  I do not think it is directly correlated, but I believe that the Disney Princess ideal is at least somewhat to blame for perpetrating certain idea of beauty, which can in turn lead to body image issues, which is one of the factors in things like anorexia/bulimia/insane stupid diets in my experience with people who have had such issues.

Another problem is that fat/overweight/chubby kids aren’t all aspiring to be thin, and aren’t all going to be thin within the next few years of their life.   So put aside all this talk of the health consequences for a minute and think about what it must do for a kid’s self-confidence to never see people that look like them ever, anywhere in movies or on tv.   It is a blow to the ego- a reinforcement of the idea that  “We do not value you because you do not look like us.”   That is reiterated over, and over, and over, and over.  It might technically be “we like you, just not your fat,” but for a child (and adults, too) it can be difficult/impossible to separate one from the other.  It will feel exactly like a rejection of self.

^another bit I can agree with.

If Disney were to make protagonists of a variety of realistic sizes, I believe that Disney’s contribution to this issue would be very much reduced.

which I think is similar to my original thesis


This has been a day of frustrations.  Between ESN being so unorganized and me doing the wrong homework assignment i kind of just want to curl up in a ball and never come out.  

Unfortunately I have life to be living

Curvy/fat princess: a rebuttal to an old post by Feminist Disney

Dear Feminist Disney,

In your blog you keep bringing up this idea that people want to be represented in films, and that alone is reason enough to make it worth Disney’s time to do it.  I can agree with you to an extent: Disney almost exclusively has princesses that are very skinny.  This is not desireable.  For most people it is impossible to be that skinny, and setting that as an ideal of beauty is both unrealistic and silly (real people that skinny are not beautiful).  However, it is also wrong to advocate for fat princesses. 


because, just like being too thin, being too fat is very unhealthy and not something I would want the media encouraging kids to aspire to.  There are other ways to have films help with body esteem issues than too encourage a lifestyle that can be shown to lead to diabetes, heart disease, and such.

I think there is a fairly obvious solution that Disney could take that should please all parties: Realistically sized characters.  Princesses with curvy and average bodies, princesses with athletic bodies, princesses shown doing physical activity and being in shape.

Of course, this does put larger princesses well within the realm of reality.  However, I feel it would be wrong to include princesses such as these

as it promotes a lifestyle just as unhealthy as being too thin.

No hard feelings, just doubted you would respond to a point this valid if sent in the form of a question.

: A Few Things You Can Say To Irritate A Republican.


1. A Socialist wrote the Pledge of Allegiance.
2. Jesus healed the sick and helped the poor, for free. […]
6. The Founding Fathers were liberals.
7. Fascism is a right-wing trait. […]
10. Reagan raised taxes eleven times as President.
11. Reagan legalized abortion as Governor of California.

Why I support Obama, despite the mess we are in.

Why I support Obama, despite the mess we are in.

Best way to spend valentines day

Single and working


But seriously, I never understood the fuss over the holiday.  I have spent some valentines days in relationships, others (like this one) single.  I cannot honestly say that it was a holiday I loved.  it generally meant some cheesy gift from whomever I was seeing at the time, followed by me giving them chocolate, and watching a movie/making out.  But that isnt the point.  I see a lot of people complaining about spending the day alone.  


I can see why you might look foreword to the day if you were in a relationship…but if you aren’t it’s just another day.  This tuesday has been no different from any other tuesday, with the exception of more than usual angsty twiter posts from friends.  

People who call the holiday cheap commercialism are likely just bitter at their being single.  Why? Why are you bitter.  Yeah, being single can be a drag if it goes on for too long, but it can also be a blast.  No guilty feelings when innocently fantasizing about random people, no missing concerts because your girlfriend will want to do something, no long bus rides to see your beloved, less angsty bullshit, more of a social life, more freedom.  

so happy tuesday my single friends.

Feminist Disney: Treasure Planet: We made a whole new universe and this one prefers male characters, too


Rating: 2.5 stars out of 4 **~ (see bottom for details)

This week was actually the first time I saw Treasure Planet. Like 90% of America, apparently, I did not see it when it came out in theatres. I was definitely interested in reviewing it, however, because multiple times I’d heard…

It’s a pirate story.  Aimed at boys.  Not only were women not wildly common on pirate ships (it happened but not all the time) but young boys do not want to watch a movie about girls.  they have cooties, remember? Disney makes very few movies aimed at males (Pixar tackles that audience).  Criticize the female oriented movies for setting bad examples for women all you want, but this movie should be held to different standards