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Curvy/fat princess: a rebuttal to an old post by Feminist Disney

Dear Feminist Disney,

In your blog you keep bringing up this idea that people want to be represented in films, and that alone is reason enough to make it worth Disney’s time to do it.  I can agree with you to an extent: Disney almost exclusively has princesses that are very skinny.  This is not desireable.  For most people it is impossible to be that skinny, and setting that as an ideal of beauty is both unrealistic and silly (real people that skinny are not beautiful).  However, it is also wrong to advocate for fat princesses. 


because, just like being too thin, being too fat is very unhealthy and not something I would want the media encouraging kids to aspire to.  There are other ways to have films help with body esteem issues than too encourage a lifestyle that can be shown to lead to diabetes, heart disease, and such.

I think there is a fairly obvious solution that Disney could take that should please all parties: Realistically sized characters.  Princesses with curvy and average bodies, princesses with athletic bodies, princesses shown doing physical activity and being in shape.

Of course, this does put larger princesses well within the realm of reality.  However, I feel it would be wrong to include princesses such as these

as it promotes a lifestyle just as unhealthy as being too thin.

No hard feelings, just doubted you would respond to a point this valid if sent in the form of a question.

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